Users uploading photos

Hello everyone,
Im using Kirby Authentication.
I want to “users” can upload photos to page.yaml -> “Structure”.
How can i do this?
Good works!

What do you mean? Do you want users to upload images from the frontend and then add the image filename to a structure field?

Exactly that i want
how can i do this

Here is some example code using the Upload class: Allow guests to create pages from Panel or frontend

After the file is uploaded, you can use $page->update() to update the page. Here is a little function for updating a structure field:

function addToStructure($page, $field, $data = array()){
      $fieldData = page($page)->$field()->yaml();
      $fieldData[] = $data;
      $fieldData = yaml::encode($fieldData);
      try {
        page($page)->update(array($field => $fieldData));
        return true;
      } catch(Exception $e) {
        return $e->getMessage();