Images not showing on homepage

I recently moved my Kirby site from one server to another, simply drag and drop, but something weird has happened, and it happens when I load it locally too, even older commits. The images (apart from SVG) won’t load in on the homepage.

Other pages seem fine, if I inspect the page and find where the images are and open them in a new tab, they show, so they are there, just not loading :confused:

The URL is any help on this would be great as I’m stumped.

All the best


The problem is not that the images are missing, they don’t show because their opacity is set to 0 on the [data-aos^="fade"][data-aos^="fade"] element.

OMG!!! You are an absolute genius, thank you!!! I haven’t done any coding in about 18 months, does it show :wink:

Thank you again!!!