Images not loading consistently on gallery page

Hi, Having issue with images loading correctly at times, and then displaying incorrectly, i.e. shifting down on the grid. Right and left margins maintained. Wondering if my syntax is correct for calls to the kirby panel? Each child page is a unique gallery image.

						<div class="cbp-item" >		
						<div class="cbp-caption">
								<div class="cbp-caption-defaultWrap">
										<a href="<?= $child->image()->url() ?>">
										<img src="<?= $child->image()->url() ?>" alt="" width="300px" height="300px" img="img-responsive" alt=""/>
								<div class="cbp-caption-activeWrap">
									<?php echo html($child->model())  ?>							
								<div class="cbp-l-caption-alignCenter">
								<div class="cbp-l-caption-body">				
								<ul class="link-captions">
									<li><a  href="<?php echo ($child->image()->url())?>"class="cbp-lightbox" data-title="<?php echo html($child->model()) ?>"><i class="rounded-x fa fa-search"></i>
								<div class="cbp-l-grid-agency-title"><?php echo html($child->title())?></div>
								<div class="cbp-l-grid-agency-desc"> <?php echo html($child->loctext())?></div>
			<?php  endforeach ?>