Images dragged from Files to Text area not showing on page

When I drag an image from Files into the Text Area in the panel it creates the shortcode like this (image: example-image.jpg) - but the saved page does not display the image.

For instance, this page contains an image just after the body copy in panel.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Ryan

Actually, I realized that I added a class to hide images a while back and then forgot. But the same issue happens in reverse. If I remove the class, then it automatically shows all images rather than just the ones that I choose to drag into the Text Field. Is there a way to have Kirby only display the images that I drag in?

Thanks again,

How come it shows all images? There must be some code that renders those images in your template, Kirby doesn’t do any magic by itself…

Yep- there was a line of code that displayed all images that must have shipped with the bootstrap starter kit I used. Thank you, Ryan