Images and image positioning in editor

Hi there,

is there any solution to display and positioning images in the texteditor area instead of writing a markdown-tag? have a project for a bunch of journalists and need a little bit more visibility on how a post looks like in the frontend, before its going online.

thanks in advance!

No, I’m not aware of any plugin that displays images in textarea fields.

I like using thepage builder plugin that allows you to make up page content with in-page modules. These also give you the option to display images etc. or the layout of these modules with snippets. You can create special panel snippets that are independent of your frontend snippets.

thanks for the hint @texnixe. will put my hands on it and test some cases.
sadly i know the girls and guys love to drag images around and set them ‘perfectly’ in the text.

Well, yes, but there is no perfectly in a responsive web page. You would then need a WYSIWYG editor with all the issues inherent in them and still probably have no full control over what the stuff looks like in different screen sizes?

yes you are totaly right, but what should I do? user thinking vs technical things…you certainly know what the customer will say :wink: but ok, maybe i’m find a way trough that jungle with the page builder and a good argumentation also …