How to add images into a text area?

I would like to give users the option of adding images amongst text content. How do I do this?

They can be either dragged and dropped from a files section or selected/uploaded via the select button in the toolbar

Which button in the tool bar? So I can just drag and drop images directly into the text area?

I have dragged and dropped an image into the text area. This appears in the text area: (image: back3.jpg). But I cannot see an image there. Like in this text area I am using there is an image option. I do not see this in my text feilds. Is there something I need to add in the yml file? Testimage:

A textarea field is not a WYSIWYG field, so you cannot see images.

Maybe you are talking about the blocks field

Okay, so I can change it to a WYSIWYG and i can do this? I get this error: Invalid field type (“WYSIWYG”)

There is no wysisyg field, see list of fields here: Fields | Kirby