Image thumbnail does not show up in panel when upload instead of add

I have an image field with type: files
So when I choose to upload an image it always returns me broken image

When I inspect this image it shows me following:

<img alt="" src="" srcset="http://localhost/media/pages/details/rooms/rooms/165179228-0/758-058-352x.jpg 352w, http://localhost/media/pages/details/rooms/rooms/165179228-0/758-058-864x.jpg 864w, http://localhost/media/pages/details/rooms/rooms/165179228-0/758-058-1408x.jpg 1408w" sizes="(min-width: 30em) and (max-width: 65em) 59em, (min-width: 65em) 88em, 27em">

My blueprint:

  - width: 1/2
          label: Hero Image
          type: files
          required: true
          multiple: false
          translate: false
          layout: cards
            cover: true

Does this happen with all images or just those containing a dot in the filename?

all images, I have just tested.

Which Kirby version are you using?

Do images show up correctly on the frontend?

Do you get any error messages in the console?

Are thumbnails created in the /media folder?

Latest Kirby “version”: “3.2.4”

I dont have frontend, I use Kirby as headless cms, however image appears in contents folder

Console shows 404 on http://localhost/media/pages/details/rooms/rooms/165179228-0/758-058-1408x.jpg

No, thumbnails are not created in media, just empty 165179228-0 folder (except hidden .jobs folder with 5 jsons)

When I save this page broken image disappears. It becomes blank.

Ok, seems that the media folder is writable at least but the images are not moved. Is that on a remote server or in a local environment?