I followed the RSS installation intructions, but it shows nothing

I have created a dfgo.com/category/feed/feed.txt file with the pre-set text here http://getkirby.com/docs/solutions/blog/rss Then I added a template called feed.php only with the pre-set php code (nothing else in the file), so here are the full file contents:


echo page('category')->children()->visible()->flip()->limit(10)->feed(array(
  'title'       => $page->title(),
  'description' => $page->description(),
  'link'        => 'category',


And I have downloaded the plugin and copied a folder named “feeds” to site/plugins folder. When I open dfgo.com/category/feed/, it is a completely empty file (there is absolutely nothing on it, even in source). I have over 20 published posts in that category. Do I need some PHP extension or to do something else or maybe I’ve done something wrong in the first place?

Are those >20 published posts direct children of the “category” directory?

They are in the folder content/category/posts.

Then your above code will not work, you need to add the subfolder

echo page('category/posts')->children()->visible()->flip()->limit(10)->feed(array(
  'title'       => $page->title(),
  'description' => $page->description(),
  'link'        => 'category',


By “posts” I meant that there are the post folders in there, not a separate folder. Sorry for the confusion. Basically it looks like this: content/category/all-the-post-folders-here

Ok, that was a misunderstanding.

Is your plugin folder really called “feeds”? Then rename it to “feed”.

Just renamed it - didn’t fix it.

  • No php errors?
  • feed.txt and feed.php both in small letters?
  • posts visible?
  • Do you have that problem both locally and remote?

Could you provide us with a screenshot of the folder structure of your ‘category’ directory?

There you go enter link description here

The written “content” by me was supposed to be “category” - apologies for the mistake. But I think you get the picture either way.

You content files have to be for example:


and so on, if the template file is named “post.php”.

Every folder name has to be different to all others, if you look after the leading number and the first “-”.

While this is true, it is irrelevant in the current context, because the template/s for the posts is not called.

The directories in the hardcopy have no name (only the leading sorting number and the “-”)!
This is the main error, I think

I guess the titles were deleted for privacy reasons

I don’t guess and hope, that @krbhlp will help us with the truth…

Yes, I removed the names for privacy reasons. They are all named as follows:

2-dsjkfsd/awesome.txt, stuff.txt, here.txt
3-dskgf3ugf837/something.txt, else.txt


You should not have multiple text files in your post folders . Don’t know if that’s the reason why it doesn’t work, but it will certainly lead to errors at one point or the other.

Why are there more than one *.txt files in one directory?

Kirby needs, that every content file has it’s own directory.

Or are “the more than one *.txt files” namend e.g. pic001.jpg.txt and the file pic001.jpg is in the same directory?

No, it’s more than one file. But there are folders with just one text file. I think they should be displayed properly then still?

I tested this a bit and it does not seem to be the reason for the error.

Is there nothing in the server php error log that might give a hint at what’s going wrong?