How would you show your skills and some other things?

Good morning together,

actually I work or better I plan my “About me” page and I want to present my skills and so on.

I have think about following ways:

1.) with a javascript-based chart tool (e.g. to show the skills in a relation to each other)
2.) only a simple list with titles like beginner or professional

Also I want to show my vita with my informations about school, jobs and learnings. I want to use some keywords for filtering.

Is it a good idea to use e.g. a card format to present each of this parts of my vita? e.g. one card for each job and so on.

I hope the two questions are describe clear enough.

Greetz Markus

Instead of giving you my personal opinion, I’d like to ask a question instead:

Why do you want to show a chart and put your CV in card form? Why does it need to be filterable?

My first idea was to make my cv filterable something like this:

  • all
  • school
  • jobs
  • learnings/certificates etc.

Also each category have his own background-color to set them apart from each other.

The card design (like material card or flat design) could be a solution to display each job, each school and so on in another way.

For the skills I have something like this in mind:

Polar Chart with charts.js

My 2c about charts to show skills (and about personal sites).

TLDR : Charts are meaningless.

Charts are all over the web when it comes to personal sites but if you think about it for a second are one of the most useless things one can add in a site.

Suppose you have a pie chart that says HTML 70% CSS 20% JS 10%.
What does that even mean? That you’re twice as good at writing css than js?
If you have some sort of bar graph is even better. You’re 70% good at HTML. Compared to whom? To the best developer on the planet? To a junior developer?

So yeah, if you ask me, graphs are useful in other contexts, not on a personal site.

As for your second idea, using titles, those are definitely better but not that useful IMO.
If you work a job, I suspect you want to be professional at what you do. So to tell someone you’re a beginner in something you’re promoting on your personal site is not ideal.

If you have a portfolio, just show people what you do.
Tell them what your focus is (are you a designer, a frontend developer, a full stack developer?) and what experiences you had in the field.

If you need inspirations for simple one page personal sites OPL has a bunch of categories you can go through and get inspired:



I understand what you mean.

I will take some time to re-think my idea and search some other ways to make my “About me”-Page.

Thanks for your inspiration links.

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