An idea for my little personal Website - I need your opinion

Hello together,

I’m new to Kirby as well to CSS, HTML, PHP and so on. I learn with books and videos how to make my own website and Kirby is a very good starting point for me.

I need your opinion for an idea how I want to make my website and hope you can help me a little bit.

I want to make two parts in my website. One - a blog - will be open for all visitors. And the second will be a password protected section - with personal job informations - and only people who have received a password will have a login to the informations.

When I understand the docs in a right way then it is possible to make that. But I’m not sure how to organize the folders for the website.

Have I make some special struture to realize the two parts or can I make a normal folder structure and that’s it?

Hope someone understand my little problem. :slight_smile:



The structure does not matter, you can define the pages you want to protect individually; the easiest way to do that is probably by using a field in the panel, then you can check for that field in your template.

Thanks for the quick answer.

I understand this make it easier to control.

What is when I want to have for each authorized visitor another password? Like a frontend user. Then it will be the same or is it more complicated?

You can protect your pages by user roles, so each user has a different user name and password. Have you checked out the authentication docs?

Yes I have read the docs and hope that I understand the most of it. I will test it in the next days on a local test installation.

I will make a post when I test it and if I have any problems.

P.S: Your website is a good inspiration.

We won’t go away, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have any problems :slight_smile: