How to write data correctly? ( problem with field-engineer + tableX )

Hi, I’m new to Kirby, and i have to build a website that lets you insert tables mixed with other kinds of data.
To achieve this i’m trying to use field-engineer in combination with tablex.
I managed to display the table in the field-engineer 's row, now when i check the saved data, of course the tableX structure (header: … ; table: …rows…) is lost.

I want to solve this, writing and loading data correctly in the case of a tableX in field-engineer, but i don’t know where to look for.
Any informaton is greatly appreciated, thak you in advance!

I’m a bit surprised you could get this to work, because in my quick test the table doesn’t even appear. I don’t think these fields are compatible because both use yaml structure and the indentation gets all wrong.

If you want to use tables inside other content, I think you have two options:

Thank you soooo much!!
I didn’t know Markdown Extra table was possible.
You saved me a lot of headaches in trying to make it work.
Have a good day!