How to use static site generator plugin

I think is exactly the plugin I would like to use!
But… I am so far out of my depth it’s beyond funny.
I have added the code below to a template .yml file.

   label: Generate a static version of the site
   # ... (see "Field options")	

I do not know how to configure this.

The error as it runs when I click in the Panel is

Error: Config option “d4l.static_site_generator.endpoint” is missing or null. Please set this to any string, e.g. “generate-static-site”.

I have the help page: GitHub - d4l-data4life/kirby3-static-site-generator: Static site generator plugin for Kirby 3. With this plugin you can create a directory with assets, media and static html files generated from your pages. The result is an even faster site with less potential vulnerabilities.

but really have no idea what it means when it says

To use this, adapt config option d4l.static_site_generator.endpoint to your needs (should be a string)

I would be grateful for assistance here.


I guess you already have a /site/config/config.php file?!
If not, have a look here: Configuration | Kirby CMS

In Kirby’s config you can also set plugin options.

In your case you just need to copy the plugin’s example config from the readme and set the values to fit your setup/needs.

For the 'endpoint' option (as shown in your error), the plugin readme states:

set to any string like ‘generate-static-site’ to use the built-in endpoint (necessary when using the blueprint field)


'd4l' => [
  'static_site_generator' => [
    'endpoint' => 'generate-static-site'
    // other options

REH, thanks very much for this.
I have very quickly been able to generate a static site of sorts… Now the challenge will be to work out the fine details :slight_smile: Andrew