How to use Kirby 3 Consent Gate?

i installed the Plugin Kirby 3 Consent Gate, but i don’t know how to use it.
The readme has no information about how to use it, or how to activate the plugin.

What i have done:

  1. Upload via FTP /site/plugins/kirby3-consent-gate
  2. Upload via FTP /fendinger-kirby3-consent-gate/ inside /site/plugins/kirby3-consent-gate/

in the Admin Panel i can see under System that the Plugin is active: fendinger/consent-gate

But how can i use it? The visitor should accept or denied google maps in my case.

From the description, I’d say that when you use one of the supported Kirbytags or blocks, the consent stuff is added automatically.

okay, but im not sure how to use the Kribytags. I don’t see an option to use the block “map” as it is descripted in the readme.

But maybee something with the plugin is wrong or with my installation.

Hi, for me it didn’t work as expected either out of the box. It didn’t for kirbytags in text blocks or in blocks and a short view into source didn’t give me insights immediately so I dropped this idea and implemented the cookie-banner instead with custom snippets that respect the settings of the plugin.

However, it would be still a nice solution if it’d work out of the box.