Plugin Install & Usage Confusion

Dear Kirby-team,
First of all, thanks to the Kirby Developers to provide a rather fresh and customisable CMS!

There’s a problem with me and installing and actually using those installed plugins.

  • Some are suppose to activate, and do. (kirby3-simplestats)
  • Some want you to add a bit to your .yml file, and work. (kirby-meta-knight)
  • Some just don’t provide any info how to get them run properly. Aside how to install them into the plug-in folder.

Without picking the apart, here is the setup:
I use for the website, I currently set up, the new ‘Blocks’ feature.
And a bunch of plugins seem to not properly work with ‘Blocks’

For instance, the Markdown Field plugin
Which neither worked before I used ‘Blocks’ or with the markdown-block using ‘Blocks’.

Or maybe a bit more basic:
The Kirby-link-button-block

My question is:
What I do wrong here?

(acknowledging that some plugins might not be compatible yet,
and that I read the documentation on Plugins and also dug through the code)

Hi and welcome to our forum.

Sorry to read you are having trouble with some plugins.

However, to help you out, it would be important to know what the exact issue are and how you have included the field or the block inside your blueprints.

Hi there,

Let’s take the example of the Link-Button-Block.

I cloned the repo to the plugin folder and in theory it should now work?!

But I can’t ‘for the love of god’ get this button to work! :sweat_smile:

My assumption would be, the link-button is a block in can use now?!

Yes, but you need to tell Kirby in your blueprint that you want to use that block. Because you can define on a per blocks field basis which blocks you want to use for each block, and third party blocks are not automatically added. See the blocks documentation:

I tried, your suggestion, while I understand how yml files work, I’m still without success. I don’t find even the setting that allows to setup the blocks menu.
(I came from the Kirby Starter Kit)

So, I managed to get the link-button into the menu.
I think, I’ll later write a tutorial or something to make it easier for beginners. :slight_smile:

Still, there are still problems.
while I was able to get the button into the blocks menu. I lost the layout in the process.
And I haven’t found a way to get the button into the layout.
I always end-up with the standard menu :smiley:

I’ve added the source here too.
Goal is to have the split-block ‘selector’ together with the layout-selector.
So that I can add the button to the layout.

What sort of a blueprint is that?

I’m a bit confused by the field and then the tabs, that somehow doesn’t look right.

If you want the blocks group as part of the layout field, then you have to define those fieldsets in the layout field, not in a blocks field.

It’s the current default page blueprint.
I used the whole time just the layout part, which worked wonderfully.
Goal was now, to make the links in the markdown to buttons.

I had the layout just uncommented (here) so that it is better readable.
I tried prior to add the layout to the blocks group but they didn’t show up.

A layout field uses blocks inside the columns. So if you want to use particular block types inside the layout field, you have to define those blocks inside the layout field definitions just as you would for blocks, see the documentation for the layout field.


    icon: text
    label: content  
        type: layout
         - "1/1"
         - "1/2, 1/2"
         - "1/4, 1/4, 1/4, 1/4"
         - "1/6, 1/6, 1/6, 1/6, 1/6, 1/6"
         - "1/3, 2/3"
         - "2/3, 1/3"
         - "1/3, 1/3, 1/3"
         - heading
         - text
         - image
         - link-button

Did it! Actually, I overlooked the ‘fieldsets’ usage when I prior looked at the documentation.
Still, I feel both happy to have solved it, but also I think it’s maybe a bit hard to understand for a kirby-beginner how Kirby works.

Thanks for the help… :slight_smile: