How to update old image references with new UUIDs

I really like the new UUID integration, and I would like to integrate them throughout a customer’s website.
While I can generate UUIDs for files and pages automatically, is there a way to automatically update the association between the new File-UUID and the related field within the yml files?
I change the following to use the File-UUIDs.
So for example I change this:

type: select
options: query
query: page.images

to the following:

type: select
  type: query
  query: page.images
  text: "{{ file.filename }}"
  value: "{{ file.uuid }}"

However, within those associated .txt files, there is still the old reference to the image file name and I need to update the reference in the panel manually.

Am I missing something? Otherwise, I might try to build a small tool to update those references automatically…
Thank you so much for any help!

Yes, I think you would have to create a small script that updates all fields.