Renaming of File/Image breaks Reference in Files-Field

Hi there, i didn’t find anything via Search so excuse me for the Duplicate, if this has been mentioned before. I have a bug with the Files-Field. When Renaming a File (i.e. Image in this case) the reference in the Files Field gets broken. Do you guys have a workaround for this. My idea was to use the ID of the image as Value for the Field and reference the File via ID, but the Files Field has no Value Param for doing so, am i right?

Anyone has an idea?

Kind regards Tobi

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That’s right, there is a feature request for the pages, files and users fields to support changing the value, but currently, it doesn’t work. Instead of using a files field, consider using a select/multiselect field instead that supports this feature. Alternatively, you would have to create a custom files field.

I recently hit this, too. Feels like a bug (that I’m quite surprised by, actually). What’s the use of being able to rename an image if its references aren’t updated.

Looked for the existing issue to upvote but couldn’t find one. Created a Nolt entry for it here: (please upvote it!).