Update file field contents when files are renamed

Hi there,

a client just pointed out that files will disappear from a files field, when they are renamed in the panel. I understand why this is happening, I am wondering: Is there an easy solution to automatically update the files field in such a case, so the file remains in the files field?

In this specific case this is relevant only to file fields that are on the file’s parent’s page.


In the upcoming Kirby 3.8 (rc already available) we will have UUIDs for pages, files and users, so this will not happen anymore.

Currently, there is no really easy way. Unless you update all fields that are using this file with a hook and file renaming. Or you use the AutoId plugin to assign IDs to files, but then you cannot use the files field, but would have to use the multiselect field.

Ok, thanks. In this case, I will rather wait for the new uuid feature.