Roadblock updating pages field


I have a blueprint with a field like this:

    type: pages 
    query: site.find('artists').children
    translate: false

When I try to update one of these pages, with a code like this:

$p = $kirby->page('news/' . 'historia-de-les-mans'); 
    'artists' => Data::encode(['pollito', 'pachulo'], 'yaml')

…the field turns empty.

Interestingly, if I manually update the field through the panel, save, then run the code above, the field is emptied again (both in the panel and the .txt )

What silly thing may I be doing wrong?


Are uuids disabled?

Well, this is, sorry I forgot to mention. I am unsure if UUIDs are available in this release.

In any case there is no code in the config file to deactivate UUIDs.

I am on localhost, but I am pretty sure the same happened on the remote folder

This is rather odd, any ideas?

Thank you

UUIDs were introduce in 3.8, so this is not the issue.

But it seems these are subpages of the artists page, so you need to store the id to these pages, which would be artists/pollito etc.

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Ah! that must be it, of course, silly as expected!

Let me give it a go, thank you.