UUID changes after page update

I have a weird bug… Unfortunately I can’t reproduce it with the starterkit.
It happens remote and locally with Kirby 3.8.2

Whenever I update a page through the panel the UUID changes.
All of my pages already have a UUID and I would expect them to never change (except of course when I explicitly code it)

  • I disabled all plugins - the UUID still changed
  • There’s no page update hook
  • There’s no code that generates UUIDs

What am I overlooking? Does anyone have any idea where this could come from?

Would you be able to upload a copy of your installation somewhere so that I can set it up locally and take a look? If you can’t reproduce it on a starterkit then it’s probably something specific to your installation.

Thanks for your offer, but I think I got it…
I had a blueprint field to show the current permalink at the bottom of a blueprint:

  type: info
  label: Permalink
  text: "{{page.permalink}}"

Turns out it wasn’t very clever to call this field uuid.
After renaming the uuid stays the same.

TGIF :woozy_face:

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