How to manage page-independent media (images ect.)

New to Kirby while researching alternatives to WordPress. I like what I see a lot so far!

But one newbie question: Where do I manage my media (images, videos, PDF files ect)? I know I can upload images into a page when editing said page in the panel. But what if I want to use the same image in another page? Do I have to upload another copy of the file there or is there some sort of central image folder where I can put them so that all pages can access them?

Hi and welcome to Kirby and the forum.

You have basically two options:

  • Put them directly in the content folder next to site.txt, so they belong to the Site object.
  • Create a separate page folder dedicated to managing your files

Hi and thanks! Uploading to /content sound like something I would do via the file system, not the admin, right? Because I need a solution that allows a content editor to upload stuff.

The page folder solution sounds good, I’ll try that. Any suggestions on how to best set this up?

No, that’s the same as uploading to a page folder, so can be done via the Panel

There’s nothing special about that, all you need to do is that wherever you want to select a file, you need to add a query from where to fetch the files, and if you want to upload from another page to that media page, you have to set the parent (for a files section) or the uploads option with parent for a files field..

That way, you don’t have to go to your central media page to upload new files while editing page x.