How to Deploy - Dokku x Digital Ocean

Hey, I am so lost.

I’ve been trying to follow these tutorials on Medium and Github, but am still quite lost.

I’ve never deployed a website using Digital Ocean / Dokku before. I’ve only ever used C-Panel.

I set up a Dokku droplet with SSH, but for some reason I keep getting a vague error.

Looking for step-by-step help.
Really wish someone would make a video tutorial on how to deploy, since I personally learn best that way.

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Hey @tiana, welcome to our forum! Sorry, never used Dokku myself and therefore can’t help.

I wonder if you would be better off in a DO or Dokku forum with this question, or try to get in touch with GitHub user leigler who wrote the instructions directly.

Not sure how many users here are actually using Dokku for deployment (my guess is rather a minority).

I’m having a similar issue with deploying on Digital Ocean with Dokku.

Finding it more complicated than it seems. I’m just getting into developing and am very novice with backend setups. Wishing there was a video tutorial.

@texnixe what are the other options for deploying as a dynamic website? More common or simpler methods?

There is a Dokku tutorial in our cookbook: Git-based deployment with Dokku | Kirby CMS

Other options:

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