How to setup a Kirby Site with Deploybot and DigitalOcean

I’m trying to have setup where I have my website on a github repo and have that automatically reflect that on a live site on digitalocean.

From my understanding, I think this is what I want do:
Github Repo (the site) -> Deploybot -> Serverpilot -> DigitalOcean.

Has anyone done this? Whats the correct series of step for doing this?

Well i have git deploy setup but i dont use any of those services. You just need to run git repo on your server and use hook from github/bitbucket to update it.

But to be helpful, deploybot seems to do all of that without setup and over many types of transfers. I don’t understand how would Serverpilot play into that since i thought that it is just a gui for webserver configuration - it has nothing to do with git.

Whats the problem?

I’m just a total noob when in comes to non-cpanel hosting.

Well i think you should be able easily to do the deployment using the deploybot if you can conect it with your git repo and then its probably just matter of pointing it to your server and give it sftp/ftp access. I mean i would be vary of that but since you are already using serverpilot… it already has root access. Serverpilot must give you some way to connect to you server to upload files - this you have to give deploybot :)).