How to create a custom thumb driver for additional image transformations

Hi there,
i would like to be able to create additional tumbnails with image magick, that transform the images to halftone images, as described here:

As far as i understood here:
i can extend the thumb drivers functionality.

However, i have not the slightest idea, how i would start from there. How could i implement the option to extend the image filters from grayscale and such to this:
convert source-image.jpg -colorspace Gray -ordered-dither result-image.jpg

Any help would be much appreciated.

Also, please note that i would like to keep the original thumb drivers functionality and just simply add the halftone option…

Take a look at the excellent focus crop plugin. It contains a thumbs driver that extends the built in driver to add new functionality. It should give you a big hint…

Thanks James, i’ll try to figure out how this works…

i created one as well but its a bit complex under the hood. you might still get some inspiration from it:

Hey, I’m trying to solve something like that as well. Did you do it, any hints?

hey jakob, so far, this is out of my league, so i will tackle this hopefully in the future, but right now i wouldn’t even know how to start… have you been making progress with this?

I need it for a side project and did not get back to it yet. I’m more into simple frontend stuff so it’s kind of hard for me to dive in as well. But I’ll give it a try and gonna inform you!

Ok, so we meet on the same level here. Lets just agree on this: the first to tackle this has to post it here, ok? :slight_smile: