How to check if memcached is working for kirby

I’m testing on a vps & installed memcached (phpinfo() show it’s there… all defaults) but I don’t seem to see performance enhancement. In chrom inspector TTFB was around 110ms and still is… That should drop right?

partly on my way in solving this myself :wink:
had config parameters wrong… now memcache seems to be found be doesn’t return pages yet.

Kirby does not automatically pick up Memcached, you need to enable caching and set the cache driver manually. You can read more about this in the docs.

In case you did all that and it still doesn’t work as expected, please post further information about what exactly does not work.

thanks for your reply Lukas :wink:
I did set the driver, ip and port number. But there were no results. It’s probably something with my memcached installation. Checking that out first.