API error (memcached.so) on panel page relaod

Very often (but not always), when reloading Kirby 3.5 panel page, getting JSON error about memcached.so
Maybe someone knows where exactly is the problem - is it Kirby or its servers PHP configuration?

Check your php.ini if it tries to load that extension and comment it out if so.

In php.ini there is no memcached mentioned.

Found that in Kirby there are 4 places where Memcached is defined:

  • MemCached.php
  • AppPlugins.php
  • autoload_classmap.php
  • autoload_statictic.php

Will try to comment out some memcached loading there.

Installing memcached on MAC (Big Sur) helped to fix issue. Also after proper install in php.ini entry was added: