How to change used blueprints for stored data?

Hi there,
how can i change which blueprint is used for the stored data?
Is there a option, that i could store which blueprint should be used in the metadata file?
F.ex. when i upload an image with colleagues i want the blueprints/files/colleagues.yml and for other images i want blueprints/files/images.yml

I couldn’t figure out how i could choose the route for the files. blueprints/files/default.yml is always used.

Thanks for suggestions.

You define which template is assigned to an uploaded file depending on the component through which you upload the file:

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I thought i had to write template: files/colleagues but Kirby already noticed the files folder.

When i got the articles of the forum right, it is not possible to change the stored template due to conditions?
F.ex i got a toggle button “management” and when it’s active the metadata should store a different template. I am trying to display different fieldsets for colleagues and management. Otherwise i need to make the toggle in the blueprint/files/colleagues.yml

There is no Panel function that would allow you to change a file template. However, if you add a template field to the files blueprints (maybe a select with some defined options), you could work around this limitation. However, keep in mind that if your files section has a template property, that section will only ever list files with a given template (and assign it to newly uploaded files).

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That’s what i thought.