How does one add subpages through the panel?

I’m so sorry for such a basic question but I’m confused how to add a field to a page blueprint to allow the creation of subpages.

For example, I have a number of Projects and in each page, would like to add child Projects (and potentially nest deeper).

In the project.yml blueprint, I have a field of type: pages which only allows for the selection of another page, is there a way to set things up to allow addition of sub pages through the panel?

Yes, you have to use a pages section instead of a pages field. Check out the example blueprints in the Starterkit, e.g. the notes.yml blueprint or the photography.yml blueprint which have both sections for subpages. In the same way, you can add such section to these subpages and so on down the tree.

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Hi @texnixe thank you as always for your amazingly prompt help! I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding something. I tried looking at the starterkit and still don’t see how I could add a child item (or perhaps more clearly, a grandchild item and so on).

For example, in the case of albums, how could I go about this structure:

Section: albums

  • Album: Germany
    • Child Album: Schwarzwald
    • Child Album: Spreewald
      • Grandchild Album: Pickles
  • Album: Canada
    • Child Album: Vancouver
    • Child Album: Montreal
      • Grandchild Album: Poutine

As I can see easily how to setup the initial level of the top album, but am unsure how to proceed deeper in the tree. I’m really sorry if I’m missing something obvious, I do see the parent param but am not sure how this could be employed dynamically.

In the child album blueprint, you would set up a pages section for the children of that page, and so forth down the tree.