How do I enable paging for the files section in my blueprint

I’m building a gallery of images picked from hundreds of images. I’m having perf issues because the files sections doesn’t have any paging so it tries to load them all on one page.

title: Inspiration
    type: files
    query: site.index.children.listed.flip.images
    layout: cards
      type: pages
      label: Select an item
      limit: 10

How can I enable paging?

Hm, looks like the pagination setting limit only works for the files in the picker, but not for paginating the selected files :thinking:

Yeah exactly. I’ve searched the docs site but nothing. Should the pages options also work on the section?

Your gallery is not a files section, but a files field. If you had a files section, then pagination would definitely work using limit (default is 20).

I don’t know if it is a bug or a feature that pagination does not work for the selected files in a files field.

Yeah testing the sections shows me it works. Ok so can I achieve the same implementation with a section?

I’m querying all the files in the interviews children and then giving the chance to select from that list so I can curate a image gallery for the images in all interviews.

query: site.index.find(‘interviews’).children.listed.notfuture.flip.images

No, a files section is no good for selecting files, for that you definitely need the field.

Thought so. Ok so it seems this is not possible. I guess maybe I should file a feature request?