Setting page section cover images

How can I set what image is used in a page section blueprint ? I have a thumbnail field that I would like to show on the parent panel page.

You have to return an image object, so page.field.toFile() should do the job.

Is this what you mean? My file section is called “listing” in project.yml

        headline: Published Projects
        type: pages
        status: listed
        layout: cards
        size: medium
          query: page.listing.toFile()
          ratio: 1/1
        info: "{{ page.sum }}"
          - project

That’s what I meant

It does not work for me, I also tried:

    query: page.images.filterBy('template', 'listing-thumb').toFile()

That doesn’t make sense, but query: page.listing.toFile() should definitely work. If your field name is correct.

Have you cleared the browser cache?

is is because I am using a file section, not a file field?


            headline: Work image
            help:  Shown on the main work page.
            type: files
            layout: cards
            size: small
            template: listing-thumb
              ratio: 1/1
            max: 1

Ah, yes, a files section doesn’t store anything, so you can’t turn that into a file object with the toFile() method. And you can’t query it from listings since that is not a field.

Then this should work:

query: page.images.findBy('template', 'listing-thumb')

yeah, that’s the one! nice one.