Home can't assign blueprint


i have started a fresh install with kirby. I set kirby to multidomain.
Every site has now the blueprint default. I can change this for every site except for the home site. What can i do now? The panel doesn’t show the option.

The template for the home page can’t be changed via the Panel.

But why is the template not home and instead default?

You mean in a Plainkit? The Plainkit only comes with the required default.php template/blueprint… But the filename even in a plainkit is home.txt, so as soon as you add a blueprint called home.yml, that blueprint will be used.

The home folder is a special folder, so the reason for not making the blueprint changeable via the Panel is probably to ensure that the home page will always work.

I used the Starterkit. I thought the simplest way to change something is to edit the home.php. But this changes didn’t take effect. The changes are only apply when i edit the default.php. That makes me think that the homepage uses the default.php instead the home.php.

The Starterkit has a home.yml blueprint and a home.php template. So if you make changes in home.php, these should take effect. Please provide some more information what you were trying to change and what didn’t work as expected, I’ve lost my crystal ball :wink: .

OK i think i found the bug. In the content folders there are text files. In my home folder where two default.txt files (default.en.txt and default.de.txt) i replaced it with home.en.txt and home.de.txt. Now everything seems to work. I now can save content in the panel (english/german) and the homepage show the correct blueprint. Did i have to change the image files too? Example sun.en.jpg and sun.de.jpg.

No, the images have nothing to do with it. And I don’t see why the images are there in German and English, that is not part of the StarterKit? Do these images have text in them or why are there two versions of the same image? Or are we talking about the meta data files for images here? But then the filenames would be sun.jpg.de.txt etc.

There are no two images. This was just a question. For me the problem is now solved. Following the docs about multilanguage now. Thanks for your help! :wink: