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Why are numbers added to subfolders in the content folder, e.g. 1_blog, 2_contact?
And if you already have to do it, because with one file it does it for me automatically, can I add (rename) 1_home to the folder that was immediately created in content that is home?

Pages with numbers are “listed”. Pages without a number are “unlisted”.
“listed” means that you intend to use them in a list, for example a menu. The number gives those items an order in the list. Having the sorting number defined in the folder name allows kirby to sort the pages without having to read them first.

I don’t think I understand what you’re trying to do… Kirby wouldn’t allow you to have both 1_home and home in the same place. If that happened, something went wrong. If you’re simply asking whether you’re allowed to renamed 1_home to home: yes you can, the page home will simply no longer be “listed”, whether or not you actually care about that depends on you :slight_smile:

The number prefix is added to all listed pages, but this can be changed though. You can ream more about that here:

If you want to change to something like a date numeral (for example on a blog post) you would set it in your blueprint, like this:

num: '{{ page.date.toDate("Ymd") }}'

Which would prepend 20231012 to the start of a page that was created today.

You can remove the numeral at the start of the folder name, but it would then be classed as unlisted in the Kirby panel.

Ok and if the page (folder) will not have a number it means that this page will not be published and can only be accessed by a link? Does this have nothing to do?

What I’m thinking about
I have 5 folders, 2 of them will have the ability to add changes using the kirby panel, the rest will not. 3 of the sites will not be in the kirby cms panel and I’m wondering if their folders need to have these numbers at the beginning or if I don’t need it for navigation then they don’t have to

ok meaning every public site should have a number, thank you for the answer

No, please re-read the documentation. Both listed and unlisted pages are published pages, listed ones are sorted by number, unlisted ones are not. It really depends on how you use them.

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Ok, thank you, I understand everything now.