Hide: true not working?

Hide: true doesn’t seem to be working for me, am I the only one?

Yesterday I noticed a site I’m working on at the moment isn’t able to hide subpages like this in the docs. I thought it might’ve been to do with using the Subpage List plugin. I haven’t had a chance yet to figure out what’s going on though.

This is a known issue and has recently been fixed in the development branch as described in this thread.

Yes same problem, but I have a fresh installation without any plugins so the issue is in the core.

Thanks, is there an ETA when the new version will be up?

Yes, it’s a core issue, but as @flokosiol wrote, the issue has been fixed on the Kirby development branch, which you can download from that branch on GitHub. No ETA regarding a release date, I’m afraid.

Oh okay will give this a try, thanks alot!