Help with FormBuilder

Hi! I’m extremely new to PHP and I made a form using FormBuilder on a page called “Request” and would like to show the form on the footer of my site.

I have tried

<?php snippet('formbuilder',['request' => 'formbuilder/page/id']); ?>

per the instructions on Gitlab but it returns the error “Unable to generate form: required fields missing” on every page besides /request, where the form is visible. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. Thanks for you help!

What is your formbuilder page? The request page? Then in should be

<?php snippet('formbuilder',['pg' => 'request']); ?>

Per the documentation, the key in the array has to be “pg”, the value is the id of the page where the form is located.

Haha, woops! That works lol. Thanks!