Can't send Formbuilder Form


I created a form with the Formbuilder Plugin. Locally it works normally but on the live server nothing happens when I click the submit button. It’s weird because there is also no post request in the network tab.

Here is a Testlink: Formular Test - IG Kultur Luzern
and the phpinfo: PHP 7.4.16 - phpinfo()

Hi there, @loremipsum!

If your browser is telling you that your form is not POST-ing any data, there may be an issue with the <form> code - you can try posting it here, and we’ll have a look to see if we can see any issues.

Otherwise, what you described sounds like an issue with the server configuration - i.e., the fact that it all works locally, but not on the remote server. Is your server configured to send emails? - ie., does it have the necessary email software, and the sysadmin allows you to send emails from PHP?

Hi @kirbyzone
Thanks for the reply. I installed a new, clean installation on a subdomain with the same server settings where it works normally.

So i got rid of all the modified form code and now, at least, it redirects to the error page and when set to “show message in-page” I get this error:
“Server error: Mail server error: “form@” is not a valid email address.”

Edit: Fixed it, forgot the “Sender Email Address” :man_facepalming:

please how do you setup the formbuilder? I need guides on how to set it up.

this plugin is still giving me issue and is there any other form builder plugin?

@John2202 There are other form helper plugins, like Uniform, which you can try. The form-related plugins are listed here.

If you describe your issue here, however, with a little more detail, we may be able to help.

I need a plugin that can be used to setup forms on the website without coding

ATM, our FormBuilder plugin is the closest you’ll get to ‘no-code’. Unfortunately, it is very out-of-date, and not fully compatible with the latest versions of Kirby. We do plan on updating it, but not for several months yet - we’re currently too busy working on our upcoming launch.

In the meantime, there are several options:

  1. if you have reasonable programming skills, you can try one of the plugins mentioned in the link above.
  2. if your form is not too complex, there are several tutorials in the Kirby website that might be able to help you hand-code one on your own
  3. last of all, if none of the currently available plugins suits, and you are unable to program the solution you need on your own, you might try reaching out to a Kirby Developer. You can do that by posting a ‘job’ ad here in the forum, or by joining the chat on Discord - you’ll get a response pretty quickly.

I hope these suggestions help a little.