Formbuilder: Error(s) Sending Form

Do any of you already have experience with the Formbuilder plugin in kirby 3?

I have implemented it and it causes problems. Current error message: Error: 500 | Server error: Mail server error: Could not instantiate mail function.

On my test server (default server at german provider domainfactory) everything was running. Whereby I already had problems with Internet Explorer (IE wants to save some formhandler… json file).

All in all, everything is quite buggy and not very well documented.

Now I have the problem that the site is located on the internal server of my customer (some huge company ;)) and I don’t have access to it or can hardly involve third parties due to the confidentiality clause.

Any ideas for remote diagnosis? :smiley:

This means that sending mail is not enabled, which is usually the case on localhost. The client would have to enable PHP sendmail or SMTP to be able to send mail.

phpinfo() should help to find out if the sendmail path is set.

In what way? If there are bugs, please report them in the FormBuilder repo.

Great! Thanks for the direction. My client was able to solve the problem, the form is running. Please do not ask me what exactly he has done now. I suspect he changed the transport route to smtp – but the details are beyond my capabilities. :smiley:

The plugin as such is totally great. 50% of my customer websites require a form solution. The ability to use the plugin and the control via the panel are an absolute benefit. Accordingly I was euphoric.

The first problem I encountered was the missing option to set checkboxes to “required”. Actually a feature that is quite often needed in times of privacy issues (“I have read the privacy policy…”). The problem is certainly solved quickly for someone with more in-depth skills. But I’m more of a frontend designer and therefore reach my limits faster - so a more comprehensive documentation of the plugin would be super helpful. You can’t find much documentation about the “kirby formbuilder” on the net.

What I couldn’t find out, for example, was how to get the Formbuilder into a Builder section. Formbuilder requires the Builder plugin, but how exactly do I integrate the form part within the blueprint… ? This would be a nice part of a good documentation.

Then the problem in Internet Explorer: IE wants to save some JSON file when sending the form. Internet Explorer stinks, I know, but some customers insist that everything runs smoothly here, too.

In the meantime, also on the customer side, I had from time to time error messages while sending the form, in different browsers, which were simply not traceable. And I am currently counting on the fact that maybe one or the other problem will come up again.

And now the very latest sending problem, which was probably halfway customer server-specific.

All in all a thumbs up for the plugin (!!!) plus the wish for a better documentation.

Thank you for the feedback, @Nelli - it’s really useful! You might be interested to know that the ability to make checkboxes required is coming in the next update. I also agree that we need to put together better documentation - what is there is really just a ‘skeleton’, the bare minimum to get people going.

In regards to your question about Kirby Builder: the FormBuilder uses the Kirby Builder plugin. So, as the docs say, you need to install it before you install FormBuilder. That’s it. There is nothing else you need to do with it - unless you want to, because Kirby Builder itself is a pretty nice and powerful plugin! :wink:

In regards to the issues you’ve encountered, it would be really helpful if you report them here: - I do look at the reports, and will be happy to try and troubleshoot any specific issues you come across in your setup. The issues you described - the ‘mail()’ function not being available, issues with the browser, etc. - might be issues specific to your setup that I haven’t come across, so do report them.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for your feedback!

I will report my points as soon as I find the time despite the current Corona circumstances that affect my working hours, I promise :slight_smile:

Stay healthy, best regards