I need help on form builder plugin

Hi everyone, I need help on form builder that works with latest version of Kirby CMS, please I need help please.

The plugin creator has already asked for more details here: Can't send Formbuilder Form - #7 by kirbyzone

I’m really sorry, but nobody can help you if you don’t provide details about what the issue is…

The form builder plugin is not working at all with the 3.5 versions and above

I’m quoting here from Discord:

The FormBuilder … was originally built making extensive use of the Builder plugin, which now has been made obsolete by the official Blocks field. This means that to use the FormBuilder plugin, you currently need to install the old Builder plugin, too - which might introduce bugs to your site.

The FormBuilder plugin is not abandoned, and we have every intention of updating it - eventually. Unfortunately, we are right now extremely busy putting kirbyzone together, and we have limited resources. It’s probably going to be a good 6 months before we can look at the FormBuilder plugin, and then it will need a major refactoring.