Help Accessing Site after redirect

Hi All,

I’m a comms person who’s usually on the content creating, rather than coding, side of things, so apologies in advance for any incorrect terms (or if the answer to this q is otherwise really obvious, lol).

I’m curious if folks know how to access the backend (panel?) of a site that’s been redirected. For context, my team was hosting a magazine website on Kirby for about 2.5 years, but decided to move it over to another CMS and change the URL 2-ish months ago. Since then, we haven’t been able to access the backend of the site, via the standard [website]/panel route (we keep getting redirected to an error page on the new site, since it doesn’t have a /panel page).

I’m curious if there’s another way that we might be able to get around this, and get access to our content that was previously published on Kirby?

Would be so grateful for any guidance.

Thank you!

I would think that the Kirby installation has been removed (i really hope its not still there with the other CMS alongside it).

Talk to the devs that helped you switch. I imagine they took a back up of kirby and the old content :pray:

Kirby will run from a subdirectory so if its still there on the server you might be able to move it into a subfolder like oldsite then you should be able to get into the panel by hitting [website]/oldsite/panel in a browser. you may have to update the .htaccess file as i imagine its now using the one from the new CMS.

Thanks so much for this! Will look in with the dev who worked on the switch.