Getting Tag Options from Field Values

Hey Kirby-Masters

I learned that Panel 2.3.0 introduced getting Select field options from any other field Now I wonder, how to get this working for Tags field options as well?

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So you want to display the values of another field as tags in another field? For example sync two tags fields?

The tags field does not have a query option? Do you want to create a custom tags field?

Edit: There is only an autocomplete feature which you can control with the index option.

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This is slightly different but maybe answers your needs: How to fetch tags from another field (in this case on the parent page)

That would be gerat indeed! (And yes, I’d like to build a Tags field with query options.)

The problem I see with this (as already stated here) is that users would not know what they could enter into such a tags field, so from an UX point of view, I have some doubts regarding usability? :pensive:

Have you tried using this ?

It extends the checkboxes field which means you can query options from a remote location. It’s also a fun peak inside @distantnative’s music taste :stuck_out_tongue:

Hold on; my only request is having a Tags field that pulls its autocomplete proposals from values defined by a field of a batch of other pages —but not limit them to whatever users decide to type in manually. I see absolutely no ‘UX issue’ there. Or did I miss you point?

Oh, ok, than I got you all wrong, sorry. But then the index option might indeed be what you are looking for.

@texnixe: Can you give an example, of something like this:

  label: Tags
  type: tags
  separator: ,
  index: field
    page: /dictionary
    name: title