Querying Tags from another tag field

Hi there
i try to query inside a tags field values from another tag field.
Inside the panel i just see the empty mainmaincategories field (i know silly name) if i start typing the values from the fetched field shown up.

        label: Hauptkategorien
        type: tags
        accept: options
        options: query
          fetch: kirby.collection("categories/maincategories")
          text: "{{ arrayItem.value }}"
          value: "{{ arrayItem.value.slug }}"

but i like to have the fetched tags like they should normaly look…

what do i make wrong.

Thank you all

I think you meant to switch the text and value parameters? Like:

text: "{{ arrayItem.value.slug }}"
value: "{{ arrayItem.value }}"

@N247S thank you for that suggestion but i still get the empty tag field when i reload.

What i want is that Tag Field prefilled with data from that other tag field when i open that tab in backend.

That’s probably a misunderstanding? The purpose of the query option is not to prefill the field, but to query options that can then be selected.

Pre-filling fields is only possible via the default property at page creation, but I’m not sure if that works dynamically.

Thank’s @texnixe for clearing my brain. i guess you are right. :blush: