Future of Kirby Analytics Dashboard

I would like to discuss the future development of my Kirby Analytics Dashboard Plugin with you. I want to figure out what are your needs or what would expect if you or maybe your client(s) are using this plugin. What kind of data you want to see?

Please keep in mind – I don’t want to recreate Google Analytics :wink:

Currently I use the Google Analytics Addon for Google Sheets to produce reports from GA data. The first page of this is always a high level “top 10” set of graphs and charts:

It would be great to have these in the panel (off the top of my head)

  1. Top 10 Countries or cities.
  2. Top 10 Devices.
  3. Top 10 Screen Resoultions.
  4. Visitors This month versus this month last year (with the percentage difference. I use a formula that colors the cell red or green if the visitors are up or down compared to last year).
  5. Top 10 most popular pages
  6. Top 10 Browsers

Stuff like goals and stats on a particular page would be great… for example… sometimes a client will setup a temporary page for a special offer and then send out a mail shot. It would be nice to see a little widget that shows how many people arrived at that page from google or from the email.

You get the idea :slight_smile: