Future of Instagram Plugin

I know the existent Instagram plugin has been discontinued because of API changes made by Facebook. They changed it in a way that makes it impossible to use it for presenting a last number of posts. I’m not in debt familiar with this API, so my question is more or less a general question:

Does anybody is aware of a way to show e.g. my last 5 posts on my website? It should be customizable to fit the design of my website.

Thanks for your help.

You can do it via RSS.app which will turn you Instagram feed into an RSS feed. From there you can use the kirby guide on feeds to display it.



Ooh… that’s a good idea! I will try this out. Thanks a lot. :+1:t2:

Okay, partly a good idea. The rss.app free plan has no Instagram support, unfortunately. :weary:

I’m curious about this, simply because I considered moving all of my instagram to a section of my site (call me crazy). Bookmarked.

No worries, one of my clients did it the other day on a Kirby site, and it worked out pretty well.

I think its $5 a month, which is not a huge amount if you can bill a a client for it. They are not the only service does this, have a google around. Maybe one of the others does it for free.

Interesting. Paying $5 once to ingest it all would be worth it.
Also, it wouldn’t necessarily be from an RSS feed, but also from an API:

…if you needed an alternate way.

Yes that would be the normal way, but Instagram changed their api recently so u need a new kay once a month. Which makes it impossible to do it that way, unless you like update your code and deploying once a month. Hence the gangsta RSS appraoch.

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I “solved” this by having the customer tick the “share to tumblr” option in Instagram and then use the feed of Tumblr to get the content in Kirby. Not a very elegant solution, but the option to also post something on Insta and not get it on the site by not sharing to tumblr is a nice feature.

I think its $5 a month, which is not a huge amount…

Sure, 5 bucks isn’t that much, if you pay for one service. But this subscription thing escalates very fast. Currently I’m subscribed to so many payed plans for different services. 5 bucks here, 10 there, 3 here, 6 there… In total, several hundred euros are quickly accumulated every year.

I try to pass these costs on to clients and warn them its an ongoing cost they need to consider. In this case, $5 a month is 20x cheaper than them paying me for an hour to change the api key each month.

This stuff just becomes a bind when its your own projects and dont have anyone to pass the cost onto.

Swings and roundabouts…

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Exactly. And so it’s for me. I don’t have clients, it’s for my personal website. :blush:

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There is another way tho, but its a little hacky. You could use something like simple html dom to grab the instgram page html into a PHP variable, then yank the 5 posts out of it. But if Instagram change the html at some point, that will stop working. But give it a shot i guess…

Soo… I would like to thank you for all your suggestions! :pray:t2:

I tried rss.app and Zapier. Rss.app worked so far (and yes, I paid a one month fee just for testing Instagram… :roll_eyes:). But at the end I came out with my very own, hacky and dirty (but free of charge) solution. It doesn’t need any authentication and is usable for every public account. It just gives you the last 12 posts (which is quite enough for me).

If you are interested, please have a look, I made a public gist.

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@phranck Is this still working for you? Works for me locally but as soon as I put it online somewhere the instagram url stops returning data.

@phm Yap, it works. You can have a look at my website (bottom of frontpage).

Interesting. I get a HTTP/1.1 405 Method Not Allowed as soon as I run this on my server. curl locally: no problem. curl from my server: empty response. I guess they block IP ranges or something. So it seems you’re lucky :slight_smile:

Maybe you could build a custom AWS Lambda function to parse the Instagram “public” JSON feed to return the last 12 posts.

@jorisvdz it’s totally unpredictable what works and what not apparently but I might give that a shot. Found a post somewhere of people running this on EC2 without a problem.

Soo… now it happened to me, too! No more last 12 posts from Instagram. Why do they fear such simple scripts… :man_facepalming:t2: