Embed social media feed / content


I am new to Kirby and to web design and I am looking for a way to embed my existing instagram feed & twitter feed into one page, ordered by time & date.

I would also like to develop an option to create ‘new posts’ directly from the Kirby panel that will be added to the feed on my website, and can be ‘pushed’ out to my Twitter and Instagram accounts, with an option to toggle this ‘on’ or ‘off’.

I have looked into the existing plugins but I am a bit confused about which plugins to use and if these aims are possible.

Thanks !

There is this plugin for Twitter: https://getkirby.com/plugins/hashandsalt/twit

There used to be one for Instagram, but it stopped working when Instagram changed their API. Check out this thread Future of Instagram Plugin

As regards pushing content from Kirby to Twitter, I’m not sure if the Twit plugin already handles that.

But I guess for your purposes an integrated solution would probably make more sense. Maybe look to integrate some third party service?

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It does under the hood. You can do it programatically in a template or a hook perhaps. I do have a custom field in the works for tweeting from the panel, but its not quite ready (It works but its not pretty!)

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Thanks so much for the help !

I’ve applied for a dev profile with twitter to use the Twitter plugin you recommended and i’ll look into third party services :slight_smile:

thanks for the added info !! excited to try out the plugin :slight_smile:

Hi sorry to disturb how would i go about embedding this plugin onto my site ??
I want to create a social media feed section, I know I can use a plugin however i dont know how to install the plugin. i followed the steps on the twit plugin page by placing the plugin within my plugin folder but no luck. How would I be able to tell if the social media feed plugin is working? Where can I go to sort and manage my plugin?