Full up-to-date nginx configuration?

[spoiler]Hi there,

So far setting up Kirby has been a lot more painful than I was hoping it was going to be. I’ve spent hours trying to cobble together some kind of nginx configuration based on hints and suggestions in this thread which links to this gist and which inspired another user to post his full config in a gist and none of it is working.

The closest I’ve managed to get is just using the vanilla config on digitalocean’s lemp guide for centos7 which at least serves up my index page, even though all other pages don’t function. Trying the suggestions in the previously mentioned threads and gists doesn’t even get me to a rendered index page.

For all that is good and holy, can somebody please add a full, working and up-to-date guide to getting Kirby running under nginx to the docs or any kind of wiki known to man?[/spoiler]

Edit: Added additional links thanks to @texnixe removing my new user status.

Edit2: Forget it, decided to use Grav instead as the documentation is much better.

I changed your status to basic user…

Running NginX as a proxy for Apache gives you all the speed you’re after without any of the headaches, just something to consider. Standard htaccess will still work.