Forum category : fields

I just created a field for Kirby, and wanted to add it in this forum.

But the forum doesn’t support field subjects - only plugins.

Strictly, the field is not a plugin - maybe it is possible to create a field subject?

This can come in handy, when folks are searching for fields and not plugins?

I think it’s ok to have plugins to comprise all sorts of extension, let it be “real” plugins, kirbytags, fields etc., otherwise we end up with lots of categories.

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Okay - you’re the boss :stuck_out_tongue: :blush:

You could however, add tags to your thread, or include the fact that your extension is a field, in the title, to make it easier to find your field … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cool - but it’s not about me :slight_smile:

Was just wondering for people who are searching for fields not plugins.

But you are right, as always :slight_smile: - to many categories can become to many complex!

I know it’s about finding …

BTW: I’m far from being always right, in fact it’s fine to make mistakes, to learn from them …:blush:

Best thing in live (and coding) you can do, is making mistakes…

I didn't learn anything from the things I did well - but I did learn a lot from the thing I did wrong...

(where “wrong” was wrong for myself - not for other people, of course!).

As far as I remember the plugin category already exists before Kirbys plugin system was introduced … :wink: