Form builder plugin?

Are there any plugins for building forms which are current and working?

I tried the form block suite - but it doesn’t seem to work, I don’t get any options when adding a form block.

Am I best of manually building a form?

The Form Block Suite is the only one I know of. Building forms via blocks will of course also be possible manually.

Okay so the Form Block Suite should be working fine?

It must be something with my install then…

I don’t know, haven’t tested it.

Just did, but getting an error with PHP 8.2, seems to work with 8.1

However, the plugin uses the eval() function, which is usually not supported on servers, because it is a discouraged and potentially dangerous function. This is done to obfuscate the license validation code, and I think it shouldn’t be done this way. Anyone with basic PHP knowledge would be able to modify this code, just as if it wasn’t hidden like this.

@Microman Maybe reconsider your use of eval().

I’il take care of it and let you know…

I don’t get an error, but this is what it looks like when I add to panel.

Following the instructions from here I’m actually not getting the ‘Show requests’ button mentioned in the guide.

This is my blueprint, did I do something wrong?

        type: blocks
          - form

Looks like the plugin isn’t even correctly installed. Does it show up in the system view?

Nope, not there.

I installed it by copying the contents into the plugin folder and updating the page blueprint.

Would I need to clear cache or something?

What does that mean? You need to copy the folder to the plugins folder, not the contents of the folder directly into the plugins folder.

  - plugins
    -- plugin-a
    -- plugin-b

Yeah sorry, bad wording.

I did that, I’ve installed other plugins before which worked. So not sure why this one isnt working.

I just released an update with PHP 8.2 compatibility.

Did you check, that you don’t have any other form-plugins installed (like kirby-form-block)?

No nothing else, and its a fairly clean cersion of the starterkit.

It is however php version 8.1.2 I think. Could that be an issue?


I ran into the same error this week. I wanted to try out the plugin with a clean starterkit Kirby install and I think I found the solution:

Running Kirby locally, the terminal output shows the following when I open a page containing a form block in the panel:

[Fri Mar  3 12:03:35 2023] [404]: GET /media/plugins/index.css?1677583520 - No such file or directory
[Fri Mar  3 12:03:35 2023] Closing
[Fri Mar  3 12:03:35 2023] [200]: GET /media/panel/441d63ebbc39eba359c9061ece8482bd/css/style.css
[Fri Mar  3 12:03:35 2023] Closing
[Fri Mar  3 12:03:35 2023] Accepted
[Fri Mar  3 12:03:35 2023] [200]: GET /media/panel/441d63ebbc39eba359c9061ece8482bd/js/vendor.js
[Fri Mar  3 12:03:35 2023] Closing
[Fri Mar  3 12:03:35 2023] Accepted
[Fri Mar  3 12:03:35 2023] Accepted
[Fri Mar  3 12:03:35 2023] [404]: GET /media/plugins/index.js?1677583520 - No such file or directory
[Fri Mar  3 12:03:35 2023] 

I manually copied the index.js and index.css from the Form Block Suite folder to the /media/plugins location and that fixed it. So Microman could adjust the path in these calls and that’s it? Could it be that simple?


edit: Oh and I tested locally on Mac OS and Ubuntu, running PHP 8.1 and 8.2, so the error does not seem to be caused by a certain PHP version.

I’m informed about this bug. This is based on this topic and i still didn’t found a proper solution for this. If someone can support me and post a pull request. :raised_hands:

@Milos2504: Your issue is something else. Did you already find a solution?

Do you use this setting in a plugin? Sometimes it’s happens, that a plugin is loaded before another. So the block isn’t available as you call it.

No I haven’t. I decided that I’ll just build a form manually.

Which setting are you referring to? I still have it installed in my instance of Kirby but as Sonja said it seems that it didnt install properly. Happy to keep troubleshooting if you have any suggestions.