Forcing a title

Is it possible to force a title ?

I’d like that, when a subpage of page ‘A’ is created, this subpage’s title is hardcoded, the user can’t change it.

AND maybe I can HIDE the title? :smiley:

I ask because I believe the title is a field that MUST be there right?

Actually NO, it is not an obligatory field anymore, which is nice.
But still giving the title field a default value does not do anything

ACTUALLY, although title does NOT seem to be obligatory in the blueprints (or maybe it is?) when you create a new page it does ask for the title?
ok I am confused now


Yes, you can remove the title field from the blueprint. But the add page form will still ask for a title, yes. What you could do, is let the user enter any title, and then use a hook to set the title to whatever you want.

Maybe there is a way to replace that form, trying to find that post. Here: Custom Add form

Can I ask why you would want all subpages to have the same title? I’ve got a feeling this is pretty bad for SEO.

Thank you @texnixe, that could work well for what I need to do, I am going to try it.

@jimbobrjames actually it is not what I want to do! but you’re right about it, cheers!