How do I change the name of my page title?


I was wondering about how to change the title of my page?

I see the tag <?= $page->title() ?> being used, but I don’t know what it references?

Thanks so much for your help in advance!

The title is a field in the form, usually the first one you see, but you are only showing the sidebar of the current page, not the current page. You can edit it like any other field in the form.

Sorry about that. I changed the title in the form, but the text on the webpage will not change.

How could I change the big white text? Does it have something to do with <?= $page->title() ?>

So sorry, I’m really new at this!

I don’t know, is that the homepage?

No, it is a subpage of the website. And this title is automatically created.

Bit hard to tell from remote, with a Title, a Menu title, a Name and what not all with the same content, but the weird thing is that it is all displayed as one word and I don’t see that anywhere… Could you post the content of the text file that corresponds to that page and the template and header?

I’ve found out what was wrong. In the content file the Title was set to a version with spaces or capital letters. (Right at the bottom of the file)

Thank you for your help!