Creating new pages in panel with something other than the title field?


We have a subfolder of pages for author information for blog articles. We used the title field for job title so as not to confuse people, but that means when they’re creating a new page, they type the title and then the slug gets created as title, and we want the slug to be based on the name field. Is it possible in a panel blueprint to tell it to use something other than the Title field when initially creating a page?

Barring that, I assume I can plug into the hook and change the slug when they update the page with the name field. The problem being that once that happens, I assume the page they were editing in the panel with the old slug would no longer work.

Basically, we keep telling them to replace the slug, and they don’t.

Or…can we add help text to the new page creation form to remind them to change the slug?


Maybe I’m missing something, but why don’t you create the authors with their names as title right from the beginning?


Because when an end user goes to create an author and the field they’re given is “Title” that’s what they’re going to put.


Oh yes, if only we could customize the title field…

No, unless you modify the core, but then you might as well modify the title itself (conditionally).


So what happens if I create a page with a blueprint that doesn’t actually have a title field? Or will it always have a title field even if I don’t include it in the blueprint?


The add page modal will still ask for a title field, it’s not very smart, I’m afraid.


You can create front-end forms for stuff, right? Like I could create a little one-off form that allows logged-in users to create author pages, and name the fields whatever the heck I want? Then in the blog entry, when they don’t find an author in the list I could have a link to that form in the help text.

Would that work?


Yes, that would be an option.

Yes, all possible