How do you use your panel titles?

As “default” there is a title field in the blueprint. If you have that in your blueprint, how do you use it? I use it different for each site because I have not found a good native way to use it.

1. Do you use it as one of the following?

  • Only in the panel (not used on the frontend).
  • As the h1 title.
  • As the head title tag (seo title).
  • As the menu/sidebar title.
  • Something else.

I use it only in the panel or as the h1 title.

2. Do you use the h1 outside the content textarea or outside of it? Why?

I use it there sometimes but in many cases the title may need to be styled separately.

3. Do you use the same menu title as the h1 title

I never do because menu titles are often much shorter.

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Hi Jens,

  1. Often as the h1 title, but sometimes just as sidebar title. Depends on use case.
  2. Always outside of textarea.
  3. Always a different menu title.
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Most of the times I use it more as a fallback. There are fields for the “navigation title”, the <title> and the headline. But if one of them is empty the normal title field is displayed.

<?= $page->navtitle()->or($page->title()) ?>