Firby - Android App for your Kirby CMS

Firby app

Publish and manage your website content on the go, from anywhere in the world. With Firby App you can create and edit posts or pages, and upload or download media. All you need is a website created with Kirby CMS with the Firby-Plugin and your Android device.

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Features include:

You can manage multiple Kirby websites


Available Panel Fields:

  • All basic fields from Kirby CMS
  • Geolocation (Location Picker)
  • Selector
  • Multiselect Field
  • (more custom fields coming soon)

Image Editor

The Image Editor takes pixel data from a photo that you want to give filter effects, and manipulate its pixels à la Instagram-Filter. Also you can resize and flip/rotate your Images. The finished photo can be saved as JPG or PNG.

Multi languages:

Firby App is available in the same languages like Kirby CMS:

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, Danish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Polish, Romanian, Turkish, Portuguese (Brazil), Norwegian (Bokmål), Russian, Persian (Farsi), Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Bulgarian, Catalan

Coming soon:

  • moderate comments plugin
  • Push Notifications
  • Texteditor with Markdown to Html - Html to Markdown Converter
  • Firby App for:
      - Windows Phone
      - iPhone/iOS


1. Copy & Pasting the "firby.php" file from Github to your Server

If not already existing, add a new plugins folder to your site directory. Then copy or link this repositories whole content in there. Afterwards, your directory structure should look like this:

```yaml site/ plugins/ firby.php ```

2. Download the Firby App from the Google Play Store.

First users can test Firby for free. All you need to do is ask me for an promation code which you can use in Google Play Store and then give me feedback about bugs and your recommendations


Be aware - I created a Kirby app for Windows Phone and Android months ago, and they (the owners of the mobile app store) requested me to pull it from the store.

You can not compare those apps - but I was not allowed to create apps for Kirby, because of copyright infringement.

- edit - I de-compiled your .APK and it looks like an ordinary Cordova / Phonegap wrapper?

Your app packaged the Kirby site while Firby is a wrapper for Kirby’s admin interface. You can indeed not compare that.
Firby uses its own API to the Panel (that’s what the Kirby plugin does), so it’s not just a wrapper.

Also just for reference: We didn’t forbid you to publish your app but you decided yourself that you did not want to promote it.

Maybe a stupid question, but what is the benefit of using an app instead of just having a shortcut to the panel on the mobile startscreen?

Hi :slight_smile:

With “they” forbid the app, I meant “Microsoft / Google” (the owners of the store) - not the excellent Kirby-team!

My app was indeed a useless wrapper, it was a homage to Kirby - but not very useful :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:

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The question is asked with the majority of all apps. (amazon, facebook and all news apps have a website with the same information.
Firby does more than just repackage existing content and functionality from the Kirby Panel. For example, Firby can also engage users with push notifications and integration with platform and device capabilities unavailable on display-only websites. For more infomations visite my github site.

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